Take charge of your credit, and afloat any financial crisis. Emerald Score is concerned with assisting individuals and families live above average with our sound credit repair operation
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Your personal savings won't give you an appreciable start up in that your new line of business. We are committed to ensuring that you get access to the required capital for your business Enterprise.
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It's not enough to get fund and other resources for our business , it is also a thing of high importance to know how to go about it. Otherwise , we will end up wasting the resources and capital acquired. Emerald Score is the right body to consult for all issue where business growth is concern .
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Most of the time we struggle on things someone else already found a solution to. All you need is to contact the right expert. We are tested and trusted arm for all information and knowledge required in credit repair, business funding and all.
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About Us

To every financial problem, there’s a solution. No situation is unfixable. Our team of experts have helped individuals, families, and businesses nationwide get a second chance in life after experiencing a tough financial season. We are here to serve you reposition and/or empower you to achieve your dreams desire. Take control of your tomorrow today.

The Power of Numbers

We’re only as good as the results we achieve.

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Our Services

Credit Repair

Discover the power of your credit profile once the late payments, collections accounts, charge offs, repos, hard inquiries, medical bills, or even bankruptcy is permanently deleted in record speed. Discover how thousands of our clients have elevated their personal goals and finances through your express credit repair service. Everything you eagerly desire financially is on the other side of a strong credit profile. Let’s discover it together.

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Business Funding

Stats show that 50% of businesses fail within 5 years, and the #1 reason is due to a lack of sufficient funding. Don't allow your dreams and businesses to fail and become a part of that statistic. Discover how we've helped thousands of small businesses acquire millions in acquired funding.

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Business Coaching

We offer a mentorship program that equips you with tools and teaches you how to thrive as en entrepreneur, and also leverage your CREDIT to CASH!

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1-on-1 Mentorship

Experience the impact on your business through personal coaching directly the credit expert himself, the funding specialist, serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of Emerald Score, Jeffrey Oboite.

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