Meet The Founder

Jeffrey Oboite

Founder and CEO of Emerald Score

Jeffrey has risen to prominence in the financial industry in recent years, but it was a fortunate turn of fate that helped him create Emerald Score and put him on the path to helping others.


Jeffrey Oboite did everything you’re supposed to do to become successful. He studied at a professional school, earned his doctorate, worked hard in various capacities as a pharmacist and cloud engineer, and even began acquiring properties.


Things were looking up for Jeffrey. He lived a luxurious lifestyle in a high-rise condo in the DC Metropolitan area, drove two exotic cars, and even managed several businesses.


However, something was tainting his lifestyle — something that he had yet to master and was causing increasingly more problems for his business and life: his credit.


Even with Jeffrey’s seemingly successful businesses, he struggled to support them and himself financially due to a lack of funding due to bad credit. He wanted to expand his entrepreneurial career, but he soon realized he lacked access to the necessary capital to scale his businesses.

Jeffrey was on the verge of giving up and almost at his bottom.

However, he was determined to succeed and get through this problem. And usually, when you have almost no hope, that’s when an answer comes. It was at this low point that Jeffrey fortuitously met a life-changing mentor.


This mentor was very successful in business, generating eight-figure sales across his companies. 


At the beginning of their relationship, Jeffrey’s mentor offered him two choices:


He could give Jeffrey the funds he needed to get out of this particular jam or teach him how to get the “keys to the kingdom,” as he put it.

Jeffrey chose the latter.


Jeffrey’s mentor proceeded to coach Jeffrey on business strategies, improving credit, and the power of leveraging large amounts of funds with credit to position himself for business growth.


The “keys” he was referring to was the insight on how to be truly dominant in the credit industry, learn the power of leveraging a restored credit profile and teach others how to do the same.

The teachings produced life-changing results for Jeffrey. He was able to clean up his credit and position himself to qualify for $300,000 in funding within a year. This capital and his clean credit score helped him scale his business to gross over $1.5M in sales in the first 12 months and an additional $2.3M the following year.

Jeffrey’s mentor introduced him to the strategies, trade secrets, and knowledge on building good credit that changed his life. He turned Jeffrey Oboite’s life around, and today, Jeffrey is determined to return the favor and share what he learned with others.

Jeffrey’s new goal is to help improve the financial aspects of as many lives as possible by strengthening their financial decision-making power through knowledge.

Jeffrey Oboite built Emerald Score to address the massive gap in financial literacy in the United States. Emerald Score is client-centered, not profit-centered, which guarantees our clients are served with the results they need to improve their financial situation.


At Emerald Score, we’ve helped thousands of clients secure millions in funding. But more importantly, we’ve educated them, helped them grow their wealth, and secured a more stable and prosperous future.

An empowered mind results in an empowered life.


This notion is something that Jeffrey practices not only in business but in life.


Jeffrey is involved in many community outreaches and engagements. He runs a non-profit entity, “Jeff Oboite Foundation,” which focuses on impacting and transforming the lives of the inner city youth in Baltimore, MD.


Jeffrey learned from his mentor that it’s not enough to just put money in someone’s hand to feed them for a day. You must also offer knowledge and a robust support system so they can provide themselves for life. This concept defines Emerald Score and its leader and CEO, Jeffrey Oboite.