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Join our community filled with everyday 9-5ers, entrepreneurs, and executives in our coaching program “I’M THE BANK”. Here we equip you with the mentality and strategies of being a successful entrepreneur, overcoming obstacles, secrets to longevity and growth in your respective industry, and of course, how to BECOME A BANK to fund your family, your business, your lifestyle, your dreams!

Start benefiting from a renewed and refined entrepreneur mindset and learn the secrets that was taught to Jeffrey Oboite that has made him a staple in the industry.

Our coaching program is specific for every client, based on their industry and need.

What Can You Expect?

Access to Jeffrey’s VIP network of entrepreneurs

Free Tax Strategist Consultation with our tax expert to help you save money as you’re making money

Other specific needs that you have desires for your business

1 on 1 coaching directly with Jeffrey Oboite

Structure your business entity properly

Get funding for your business

Securing your assets

Other specific needs that

Scale your business

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