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Millions of Americans are victims of inaccurate or unfair negative items wrongfully lowering your score. Even worse, most don’t even know it’s hurting them.
Society is becoming increasingly dependent upon credit to make purchases and decisions. These days, good credit is used for more than just getting a credit card or a loan. More and more businesses are making the case that you must have good credit before they extend products or services to you.
With our done-for-you credit enhancement services you can finally take off everything that credit has to offer.
Whether you are looking to remove negative remarks from your report, boost your score, or even leverage your credit to create a passive income source.. you’ve come to the right place.
We’ll look in depth at your credit report and identify what’s lowering your score
We’ll reach out to the credit bureaus and work with them to improve your report
We negotiate with the bureaus to remove unwanted, negative remarks from your credit history
Every 19 days we’ll repeat the process to help build credit score.


Credit Repair Standard (AMG Package)

All 3 bureaus.
Remove any & all negative activity

Credit Repair VIP (Bugatti Package)

All 3 bureaus
Remove any & all negative activity + 1 free tradeline added for extra credit score boost

Business Funding

Up to 250k in business funding. Doesn’t matter your years in business, experience the power of creative financing with us.


OMG, words can’t express what Jeff and his company have done for my family and I. We were not only able to buy our first home because our credit was restored, but we also qualified for a small business loan to help start my business!!! Thank you so much!
-Irene Dyson
Jeff I want to thank you bro for taking care of me. I had so many negative items on my credit report, and other companies kept taking forever to fix it. You guys are not only fast, but you got all my collection accounts deleted. Thank you my good brother. Your services were well worth it.
-Jared McMillian
I never knew what tradelines were and all the cool things one could do to enhance a credit report. Jeff not only educated me, but he stands behind his word. He’s very kind, compassionate, and so easy to work with! From cleaning my report to adding tradelines, I went from a 520 to 780!! Yay!! Thank you Jeff!! 🙂
-Ashley Harris

- Raynard Wilson

-Timothy Thurston

- Kevin Caglett

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