Credit Repair

1 hard inquiry can drop your FICO score 5-8 points
1 negative item can drop your score up to 110 points

We remove:
Hard inquiries, late payments, collections, charge offs, repos, medical bills, student loans, tax liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures, child support, and other negative remarks.


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We offer mentorship programs and tools teach you how to leverage your CREDIT to CASH! Understand the value and power of credit and how credit is king over cash. Experience how we’ve helped over 1500 individuals transform their lives through CREDIT today!


Credit repair can be thought of as the process of removing negative information from your credit report. In contrast, tradelines add information to your credit report. BEEF UP your credit report with positive strong primaries and authorized users.

A tradeline is simply any account in your credit file, so adding tradelines by definition bulks up your file. This can be helpful for people with short or thin credit histories, or those who are recovering from a period of bad credit and trying to rebuild their credit.

A short credit history means the age of your credit file is not very long, while a thin credit history means you have only a few accounts in your credit profile if any. Credit scoring models factor in both the length of your credit history and your mix of credit, so having a thin or short credit file will likely result in a lower credit score rating.

Being added as an authorized user to tradelines that are in good standing and have a higher age (known as “seasoned” tradelines) could improve both of these factors by increasing your length of credit history and diversifying your mix of accounts.

In addition, seasoned tradelines for sale from a reputable company will have perfect payment histories and relatively low utilization ratios, which impact important components of your credit.